About the platform

About the platform

NRM.BG is a platform for prevention of trafficking in human beings and support of the victims. It is based on the National Mechanism for Referral and Support of Trafficked Persons in Bulgaria, in order to facilitate the work of the competent authorities and NGOs on cases of trafficking.

The platform offers accessible and understandable information for anyone who wants to learn more about the phenomenon of human trafficking, to work on the issue and to identify and support victims.

For victims and their close ones

If you are a victim of human trafficking and exploitation, or suspect you are but are not sure, if you think someone has been trafficked, click on the “Where can I find help?” button to find out what to do. If you are in any doubt about whether what is happening to you is trafficking, read “Preventing of Trafficking /How do I know if I am a victim of human trafficking?” to help you find your way.

Whether or not you are trafficked, if you are in a difficult situation, do not hesitate to seek help.

You can find out what the rights of victims of trafficking are in Trafficking/Victims’ Rights.
If you are going to work abroad, or if you are travelling for another reason – studying, tourism, visiting people – and you have doubts about your trip, inform yourself in advance through our materials in Preventing human trafficking.
Everything important on the subject is also presented in Ukrainian.

For Professionals

If you are an expert in a government institution or civil society organisation and you want to get informed, learn what human trafficking is and what types of exploitation there are, visit the Human Trafficking menu. If you suspect that someone may be trafficked, use the Human Trafficking Indicators in Victim Assistance. In the Legal Information section you will find out what the current legislation is in Bulgaria against trafficking in human beings, as well as applicable European and international legislation. In the Library, you will find a variety of materials – manuals, reports and studies – that will deepen your knowledge on different topics related to trafficking in human beings.

A Database will orient you to the extent of the phenomenon in Bulgaria and the most affected groups by gender and age.

If you are a social worker or a psychologist assisting victims of trafficking, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the Standard Operating Procedures for Referral and Assistance to Persons, Children or Foreign Nationals who are Victims of Trafficking. In Victim Assistance, you will find the indicators of trafficking, the guiding principles of working with victims of trafficking, and the standards and criteria for social services for victims of trafficking.
The Interactive Map of Services will help you guide the victim to appropriate services across the country.

In the Network you will find all the actors involved in the implementation of the National Mechanism and what the role of each institution and organisation is in supporting victims.

If you work in a school, municipality, NGO or other institution and are planning awareness raising and prevention activities, you will find the information you need in Preventing Human Trafficking. There are videos, brochures and posters in the Library for you to download and use.

For journalists, experts and citizens

The platform will help you get informed about everything you need to know on the topic of human trafficking – what is human trafficking and what are the forms of exploitation, how traffickers operate, what are the rights of victims, what support can they rely on, which are the responsible institutions in Bulgaria involved in helping victims, how many victims have been identified.

If you have witnessed human trafficking or know someone who is being exploited, find out what todo at “Where can I find help?”

Do not hesitate to report!