Prevention of trafficking in human beings

How do I know if I am a victim of human trafficking?

Hundreds of Bulgarians go abroad in hope of a better life. Everyone has good reasons to take such a step. The demand of low-qualified an cheap labour in Western Europe in the areas of services, agriculture and construction is an enticing factor. Some people manage to make their dreams come true but others are defrauded, exploited and fall in the trap of trafficking in human beings.
  • Do you feel that you do not have the freedom to decide for yourself?
  • Are you doing a job other than the one you agreed on or are the working conditions worse than what was promised?
  • Do you receive a remuneration which is less than what was promised?
  • Are you forced to use your labour to pay debts to employers or intermediaries?
  • Have your identity documents been taken away?
  • Is your freedom of movement restricted?
  • Are you under surveillance, are you isolated or are you prohibited from leaving the place where you are?
  • Are you conversations monitored?
  • Has your phone been taken away?
  • Are you forced through physical or sexual violence or through threats to do things you do not want to do?
  • Is anyone using your difficult situation to pressure you and to make money out of you? For example, if are in a difficult financial situation or if you are an illegal resident, or if you are an alcohol or drug addict, or if you have a physical disability.
  • Do you feel you have no way out?

You are a victim of labour exploitation if:

  • You work without a contract with the employer
  • You are not provided with normal living conditions
  • The fees and social security due from the employer are not paid
  • The rules for safe work are not observed
  • You are not allowed to move freely, not even in your free time
  • You receive less than the local workers for the same job
  • You cannot leave work if you wish to

You are a victim of sexual exploitation if you prostitute and…

  • Someone else takes the money you earn giving you a small portion
  • You are not allowed to choose your clients
  • You are not allowed to use protection
  • You are obligated to serve a certain number of clients
  • You are not allowed to refuse to work
  • You have to work when you are sick, pregnant or menstruating
  • You live and work in the same place
  • You are threatened that they will tell your relatives about what you do
  • You are threatened that your family will suffer if you do not obey
  • It happens against your will, through violence and threats