Directory of organizations responsible for supporting victims of trafficking

Non-governmental organisations

Animus Association Foundation, Sofia

Address: Sofia 1000, 85 Ekzarh Iosif Street

Telephone/fax: 02 983 52 05, 02 983 53 05, 02 983 54 05



Animus Association Foundation provides services to victims of violence, including victims of trafficking in human beings. The organisation manages a 24/7 hotline for victims of violence (0800 1 86 76), St. Petka Crisis Centre for victims of violence which also functions as a transit centre for victims of trafficking as well as diverse programmes for psychological and social support.

Based on its wealth of experience, Animus develops activities in the area of advocacy and women’s rights, prevention of violence and it also trains specialists in support professions as regards the identification and protection of victims of violence.

A21 Campaign Foundation

Address: Sofia 1000, 21 San Stefano Street, office 1

Telephone: + 359 884 45 46 56

Telephone: +359 885 237 606



A21 provides long-term support to victims of trafficking, including accommodation, health and psychological assistance, training programmes, etc. The SAFE project provides support for the safe return of the victims who voluntarily wish to do so.

SOS Families at Risk Foundation

Address: Varna 9002, 21 Sinchets Street

Telephone: +359 52 60 96 77

Fax: +359 52 61 38 30

E-mail: ;


SOS Families at Risk manages a Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration and a Centre for Protection of Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings in Varna and Sofia. The organisation manages specialised services for victims of trafficking for the NCCTHB – a Temporary Accommodation Centre and a Consultative Centre. Victims may obtain safe placement, legal and psychological support, support for training, qualifications and finding jobs.

Demetra Association

Address: Burgas 8000, 102A Sheinovo Street

Telephone: +359 56 81 56 18

Fax: +359 56 83 66 57

Mobile: +359 896 82 15 91



Demetra Association develops social services for victims of violence and families at risk in Burgas and the region. The organisation manages specialised services for victims of trafficking for the NCCTHB – a Temporary Accommodation Centre and a Consultative Centre.

Gender Alternatives Foundation

Address: Plovdiv 4000, 38 January 4 Street

Telephone: +359 32 260708 ; +359 879260101



The Gender Alternatives Foundation develops a Consultative Centre providing the following services to victims of trafficking: legal aid, procedural representation before the court, psychological support, group sessions for people who have experienced violence, work with families and couples at risk, work with children at risk, programme for job placement and economic growth for women, courses in English and computer skills.

PULSE Foundation

Address: Pernik 2700, 2 Sredets Street

Telephone: +359 76 601010 ; +359 76 603360



The PULSE Foundation develops programmes for psycho-social support for victims of domestic and sexual violence and trafficking in human beings. The organisation manages a Crisis Centre for women who are victims of violence in Pernik as well as a Crisis Centre providing priority accommodation to child victims of trafficking on the territory of Sofia Municipality. The organisation is also active in advocacy and prevention of violence.

Nadja Centre Foundation, Sofia

Address: Sofia 1000, 166 Knyaz Boris I Street

Telephone: 02 9819300



The organisation offers support and assistance to victims of trafficking and people affected by it, including people at risk and third country nationals. The services include: psychological counselling, psychiatric assessment, diagnostics and treatment, crisis intervention, referral to other services. The services are for men, women and children.

Mission Wings, Stara Zagora

Address: Stara Zagora, 205 Hristo Botev Street

Telephone: 042 / 660 328, 0895 57 91 64



MISSION WINGS Foundation manages a complex of social services for children and families in Stara Zagora which includes a Social Support Centre and a Mother and Child Unit. The organisation has psychologists, social workers and an administrative team with enormous expertise in working with vulnerable groups, including people who are seeking or who have been granted protection.

Bulgarian Helsinki Committee

Address: Sofia 1504, 7 Varbitsa Street

Telephone/fax: 02 943 4876, 02 944 0670, 02 943 4405

Mobiles: 0884 152 641, 0884 156 726,
0884 149 354



Programme for Legal Protection for Refugees and Migrants

Address: Sofia 1000, 1 Uzundzhovska Street

Telephone/fax: 02 981 3318, 02 980 0057



The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee operates a Programme for Legal Protection for Refugees and Migrants which offers legal advice, representation and attorney defence. The Programme offers free specialised legal advice: representation in the course of the asylum procedure, professional and independent attorney defence, defence before the court and other State institutions, assistance for successful integration, support for voluntary repatriation.

Health and Social Development Foundation

Address: Sofia 1309, 70 Tsaribrodska Street, office 4

Telephone: 02 851 81 08

Telephone/fax: 02 953 34 55



The Health and Social Development Foundation works to prevent trafficking in human beings in Roma communities. The organisation applies a model of integrated development for vulnerable children, youth and families. It uses the model to ensure successful integration in education and development of social skills which, on their part, results in a much better performance in the labour market.

Health without Borders Association / Sexual Health Centre

Health without Borders Association / Sexual Health Centre


CheckPoint Sofia – Sexual Health Centre

Address: 111 Tzar Samuil Street, Sofia 1000

Telephone: +359 878 33 93 94


Sexual Health Centre – Blagoevgrad

Telephone: +359 (0)878 35 75 71


The Health without Borders Association offers free tests and examinations for HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis, gonorrhoea, candidosis, chlamydia, bacterial infections and others. Monitoring pregnancies for HIV-positive women.

Social support for people who are HIV-positive, accompanying to health and social institutions, information about rights and specific steps to be followed in order to deal with the challenges of HIV more easily. Emotional support. Self-help group for people with HIV.

Bulgarian Council for Refugees and Migrants

Address: Sofia, 76 James Bourchier Boulevard, office 118, floor 1

Telephone: +359 2 427 17 43



The Bulgarian Council for Refugees and Migrants is a platform for protection and integration of refugees and migrants which aims to ensure a fair and effective protection system. The organisation maintains an electronic platform ( with detailed information about the rights and the integration of migrants and refugees in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Red Cross (services for refugees and migrants)

Address: Sofia, 76 James Bourchier Boulevard

Telephone: +359 2 81 64 709



The Bulgarian Red Cross is a voluntary organisation which supports refugees and migrants along with other vulnerable groups in the country. The specialised Refugee and Migrant Service offers social support, financial assistance, donations, etc. for people with humanitarian status and status of refugees seeking asylum as well as those who have been denied such.

Caritas Sofia

Address: Sofia, Ilinden Residential Estate, bl. 55, entrance 3, apt. 47

Telephone: +359 2 920 08 25



St. Anna Centre/strong>

Address: Sofia, 93 Antim I Street

Telephone: +359 88 850 9837

Contact form:

Caritas provides social support for a better integration in Bulgaria of refugees and asylum seekers at registration and reception centres in the country and in temporary accommodation centres.

At the St. Anna Centre for integration of refugees and migrants in Sofia, vulnerable refugees and migrants may obtain individual support and assistance to find a job, including training in Bulgarian. Cultural mediators and translators are available.

The organisation has registered a specialised Vocational Training Centre which offers diverse qualification courses.

Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association (BFPA)

Address: Sofia, Blvd. “Knyaz Al. Dondukov” 67

Tel: +359 2 9433052




The goals of BFPA are focused on promoting and offering quality and modern services in the area of reproductive health, providing information and holding workshops in the area of health and sexual education, safe sex and contraception, and advocacy for disadvantaged groups. The target groups of the organization are diverse – young people, youth from institutions, ethnic minorities in disadvantaged groups (Mainly focusing on Roma), health specialists, municipal and public administration, NGO staff, teachers, university professors, women from outermost regions and remote villages, prisoners, journalists and many more. BFPA has centers in Sofia, Ruse, Stara Zagora and Pleven, as well as partners on a local level in a number of municipalities in non-governmental organizations throughout the whole country.

National Network of Health Mediators

Address: Sofia, “Alexander Stambolyiski” Blvd. 81, Ent. B, Floor 2, Apt.4

Tel.: +359 2 9867113



The national network of health mediators (NNHM) brings together people and their efforts towards change in policies, stereotypes, attitudes and work for equal access to quality healthcare for vulnerable communities, through the model of mediation. The health mediator is a bridge between vulnerable minority communities and health and social agencies. They are respected and trusted by the people from the community, and have the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies for a job requiring high level of responsibility.


  • To sustainably develop and refine the health mediation model and structure of NNHM
  • To improve the health and social conditions of vulnerable communities and their access to health and social care and services
  • To increase the capacity of the community through education
  • To form and change national and local policies in health and the health and social spheres
  • To increase the culture around health, and awareness and skills in vulnerable communities
  • To change the notions around vulnerable communities in public spaces

Safer Internet Center / Applied Research and Communications Fund (ARC)

Address: Sofia, “Alexander Zhendov” Str. 5

Tel.: +359 2 9733000



The ARC foundation is actively involved in the efforts in forming and implementing politics for the development of informational society and knowledge-based economy in a national, as well as international context, accomplishing their mission through: research and analysis, attracting partners, establishing capacities for different professional groups, and workshops by means of transferring know-how and good practices. It works towards prevention of trafficking of people, recruitment and control of victims through online spaces.

Center for International Dialogue and Tolerance “Amalipe”

Address: Veliko Tarnavo, “Marno Pole” Str. 23, Floor 4, Office 5

Tel.: +359 62 600224




A Roma organization that works towards better education, community development and equal integration of Roma persons in Bulgarian society. The mission of the organization is to stimulate the modernization and empowerment of the Roma community in Bulgaria towards active participation and equal access to resources and processes of development, with the highest priority being access to quality education, quality healthcare and social services.

“Center Dynamika” Association

Address: Ruse, “Panaiyot Hitov” Str. 9

Tel.: +359 82 826770



The mission of the association “Center Dymanika” is to provide psycho-social support, legal aid and consultations for vulnerable groups in communities towards achieving equality. The goals of the association are:

To assist the development of healthcare, the disabled and disadvantaged, or persons needing care.

To work towards improving societal conditions, the role and status of women in society, for their protection from discrimination and establishing a guarantee of actual equality for women, regardless of ethnicity and which region they reside in.

To contribute towards increasing the legal culture of citizens and protection of their fundamental rights and freedoms.

Use of services on a voluntary basis, professionalism in providing services to clients, confidentiality and a cooperative approach for cases.

Categories of persons who can benefit – women and children, men, and families.

“Ekaterina Karavelova” Association

Address: Silistra, “N.Y. Vaptsarov” Str. 51 Floor 2

Tel.: +359 86 820 487



The organization protects the rights of women and children, victims of domestic violence and trafficking, and provides social services for persons, who have difficulties or are unable to meet their basic necessities of life.

The goals of the organization are:
Assisting the development of civil and social rights of women and the right of professional career; overcoming the effects of experienced violence and trafficking of people with the goal of improving psychological health of Bulgarian women and their children; protection of fundamental rights of children in accordance to the Convention of the UN for child rights and the law for protection of the child; promoting civil activity in the population of the region of Silistra for solving major regional problems, related to different social groups and communities; development of programs and projects for solving demographic, ecological and social problems for the population in the region.

“Samariani” Association

Address: Stara Zagora, “Patriarch Evtimiy” Blvd. 57 (South entrance from “Br. Zhekovi”)

Tel.: +359 42 621083



Social work with children with deviant behavior; living in families at risk; school dropouts, social work with children living in specialized institutions; social work with children and women, who have experienced different forms of violence; social work with prostituted persons with regard to HIV/AIDS; sexual transmitted diseases; social work with unemployed young persons; social work towards reintegration; social work with parents and close persons to drug users; social work with parents, identified as high risk of child abandonment, social work with families, which have difficulties in child rearing and care; social work with admitted families and their children, social work with problematic development from 0 to 7 year old children; work with candidate-adoptive parents and adoptive parents; health education and promotion of health among pregnant women; advocacy for citizen’s rights; work with volunteers, collaborators and donors; establishing and developing social undertaking and support of social entrepreneurship.

“Association Naya”

Address: Targovishte, “Antim I-vi” Str. 37

Tel.: +359 601 6 70 25



“Association Naya” provides psycho-social support, help and consultation for vulnerable groups from the community towards achieving equal treatment. They offer emotional support for women and children, victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and trafficking; psychological consultations; psychotherapy; legal aid; social consultations; assistance in contact with institutions; partnering in solving social problems; open telephone helpline for women and children, witnesses and victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and trafficking; services for persons, victims of trafficking of people, social rehabilitation and integration of children with disabilities, consultations for families of children with disabilities and their school environment; information; developing and operating programs, related to prevention of domestic violence; prevention of trafficking of people; social integration for children with disabilities.

“Chance i Zakrila” Association

Address: Haskavo, “Aleko Konstantinov” № 11

Tel.: +359 38 66 21 38



“Chance i Zakrila” association works for the benefit of children and young people in Haskavo and the region of all areas connected to improving their welfare. The organization’s priorities are: Prevention of violence and trafficking of children; Protection of children from abuse; Increasing the family’s capacity for effective care of their children; Support and motivation for youth activity and engagement; Creating a wide community base for solving problems of children and youth.

“Otvorena Vrata” Center

Address: Pleven, “Neofit Rilski” “ № 55; g.k. “Storogizyia” Bl.22, Ent. B, Floor 1, Apt. 1

Tel.: +359 64 846713



“Otvorena Vrata” Center is an organization that works towards the problem of domestic violence. The center works in association with the national and local institutions. The center offers support for women who have experienced violence. You can talk with psychologists, doctors, lawyers, social workers or educators are available. In the center “Otvorena Vrata” you can receive psychological consultations, legal consultations, family consultations, information on problematic domestic violence. All consultations are free.

Foundation “Concordia”

Address: Sofia, “ Pavlina Unufrieva” Str. 4

Tel.: +359 2 936 8620



Concordia is an independent organization that works on an international level with the objective to provide help to children youth and families in need. Foundation Concordia Bulgaria manages daily and resident social services, which support children, youth and families in communities in need towards a path of an independent life.

Social Activities and Practice Institute

Address: Sofia, “Victor Grigovich” Str. 1

Tel.: +359 2 852 47 13



A community of experts in the assistance of children and families, which combine theory and practice. Work in professionalizing of social practice with children and families such as developing new models, conducting scientific and scientifically-applied studies, dissemination of new knowledge and skills, support for professional development through sharing and consideration of own experience. SAP manages two centers for community support in Sofia – Community Support Center (CSC) “Nadezhda” and CSC “Slaveykov Complex for Social Services of Children and Families” (CSSCF) in Shumen municipality, CSSCF –Vidin, Children’s center for advocacy and support Zona ZaKrila Montana and Shumen.

“Ravnovesie” Association

Address: Burgas, “Graf Ignatiev” Str. №7, Floor 3

Tel.: +359 56 82 56 01



The association affirms human and civil rights, assists minority and socially disadvantaged groups, persons with physical and mental disabilities or other special needs, supports children, youth and women in their personal development, provides highly professional psychological and social-psychological help. The association directs its activities in the sphere of education, social activities, and human and civil rights.

Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria

Address: Sofia, 95 Ekzarh Iosif Street

Telephone: +359 878 136 231; +359 878 136 321;
+359 876 766 588

Telephone for Arabic speakers: +359 878 607 550

Telephone for speakers in Farsi/Dari: +359 878 952 691



The Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria assists refugees and protection seekers in the process of their adaptation and integration in the Bulgarian society.

Through it programmes for direct work with refugees and protection seekers, it offers help in the form of social mediation and humanitarian support.

Social mediation allows for a direct access to social support in the form of translation and communication facilitation, accompanying to State institutions, social counselling and information, covering emergency health and social costs of vulnerable people.

Humanitarian support provides those in need with items of necessity (obtained through donations) in view of the social situation they find themselves in.

Voice in Bulgaria Legal Aid Centre

Address: Sofia 1000, 5B Triaditsa Street, office 226

Telephone: +359 2 9810779



The team of Voice in Bulgaria Legal Aid Centre provides free consultations to asylum seekers, refugees and migrants as well as legal representation in administrative and judicial proceedings at the national and European levels. The team provides support to those placed at MoI temporary accommodation centres.

The Centre holds group information sessions for foreign nationals.

Foundation Access to Rights – FAR

To visit their office, you need to make an appointment in advance.

Telephone: (+359) 2 879 32 80




Foundation Access to Rights provides legal assistance to vulnerable people with financial difficulties; it conducts independent professional studies about the access to rights in Bulgaria; through events and media campaigns, it boosts the institutional and public awareness, sensitivity and engagement in relation to the need to address systemic problems in the access to fundamental human rights; it conducts training and seminars and provides paper-based and electronic materials for university students, lawyers, judges, public servants and volunteers.

Foundation Access to Rights – FAR administers a self-help platform for refugees and migrants with up-to-date information in different area – The website features guidelines in four languages in areas such as work in Bulgaria, healthcare, legal aid, trafficking in human beings, specialised services for women and children, social benefits and others. It also gives an interactive map with the contact information needed. If the details given are insufficient, FAR offers options for direct legal advice and support for employment (issuance of work permit, visa, right to stay, etc.).

Dignita Foundation

Address: Sofia, bul. Vasil Levski 1 B, floor 4, app 22

+359 887 081473



Dignita Foundation works in the field of prevention of trafficking in human beings and provision of protection and assistance to victims.“Dignita” aims to:
  • Provide expertise and promote the development of rights-based policies to combat trafficking in persons;
  • provide knowledge and develop skills of high-risk groups to recognize and avoid situations that may lead to trafficking and exploitation;
  • support the social reintegration of victims by providing legal assistance and economic empowerment measures;
  • enhance the involvement of the private sector in a broad partnership network to combat trafficking in human beings