Standard Operating Procedures for CHILDREN



After expiry of the period of placement at a crisis centre (1 to 6 months), the child is re-integrated in a family environment. Alternatively, a new protection measure may be taken to place the child outside the family in an institution if the statutory grounds for this are in place and, more specifically, when a child is the victim of violence in the family and there is a significant risk of harm to the child’s physical, mental, moral, intellectual and social development or when the parents, guardians or trustees systemically fail to provide care for the child with no good reason. Child victims of trafficking are children at risk and a protection measure is taken for them under the Child Protection Act in order to ensure the child’s right to live in a safe and secure environment, to prevent the consequences of trafficking and the possibility for re-trafficking. Social research is initiated for every child victim of trafficking. An important element in the work of the social workers is the adequate assessment of the needs of a child victim of trafficking or an unaccompanied child as well as the risk assessment and the safety measures taken with respect to the child. The cases of child victims of trafficking are monitored actively by the CPA for a period of one year. Within the discretion of the social worker, the period of monitoring may be extended depending on the specifics of each case.

The reintegration of child victims of trafficking could make use of publicly available social services related to providing information, advice and training for the exercise of social rights and for the development of skills in line with the individual needs and the specifics of every case.

When the stay at the crisis centre ends, if the statutory prerequisites for placement outside the family are still in place, the child may be accommodated with a family of relatives or kin, a foster family or a social or integrated health-social service of residential care which is done by the court. Until the court renders a final judgment, the Social Assistance Directorate as per the child’s current address proceeds with the placement in an administrative procedure.

If it is established in the course of a check that the parents or members of the extended family assist through acts or omissions for the child to be trafficked or put at risk of trafficking, the Prosecutor’s Office is notified.

When the rights of children are violated, the Social Assistance Directorate issues mandatory instructions for the parents to remedy the breaches.