Standard Operating Procedures for CHILDREN



The SACP notifies in writing the Social Assistance Directorate (with a copy to SAA) as per the child’s current/permanent address about each case of a child victim of trafficking and provides the information available in order to research the family and social environment, prepare a risk assessment and an opinion on the child’s accommodation upon return to the country.

The social worker who leads the multidisciplinary team researches the family and social environment of the child, makes an assessment of the risk of re-trafficking, and prepares an action plan. The action plan comprises a set of measures and services and a proposal for the actions to be taken by the multidisciplinary team, together with the respective deadlines and people responsible for their implementation. The action plan is coordinated with the team members at the crisis centre.

If there is sufficient information that the child is involved in activities which are adverse to the child’s physical, mental, moral or educational development or that the child is used for begging, prostitution or dissemination of pornography, the SACP Chair prepares a motivated proposal or opinion to the Minister of the Interior to impose an administrative measure under Article 76a of the Bulgarian Identity Documents Act to prevent the child victim from leaving the country.