Standard Operating Procedures for FOREIGNERS



  • Asylum seekers

During proceedings for provision of international protection under the Asylum and Refugees Act (ARA), foreign nationals have the right to receive the same social benefits as Bulgarian citizens, health insurance, accessible medical help and free medical care under the terms and procedures for Bulgarian citizens. They may be referred to all institutions and organisations accessible for Bulgarian citizens.

If the proceedings have not been completed within three months as of lodging the application due to reasons beyond their control, foreigners are entitled to access to the labour market. The employment permit is received as per the general procedure of the Employment Agency of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

  • Foreigners who have received protection status

After receiving the protection status (asylum, refugee status, humanitarian status or temporary protection), the foreign national has the right to work and attend vocational training; the right to proper accommodation; social benefits; medical help. These are provided for in the Ordinance on the Terms and Procedure to Conclude, Execute and Terminate an Agreement for Integration of Foreigners Who Have Been Granted Asylum or International Protection. Pursuant to it, SAR facilitates communication between foreigners and local authorities. Foreigners may conclude integration agreements with local authorities. During the protection proceedings, SAR draws up an integration profile of the foreigner. The mayor of the receiving municipality is provided in advance with information about the age, gender, family situation, citizenship, education, professional experience and professional qualifications of the foreigner who has expressed their desire to enter into an integration agreement. Information campaigns about the municipalities are held among those accommodated at SAR registration and reception centres. SAR assists in the transportation of the foreigner and the members of their family to the respective municipality.

All foreign nationals who have been granted refugee or humanitarian status are entitled to financial support for accommodation of up to 6 months as of the effective date of the decision to grant the status.