Standard Operating Procedures for FOREIGNERS


Ministry of Interior (MoI)

MoI structures assist in the safe return of foreign nationals in line with the international operational police cooperation. The competent MoI units gather information related to trafficking in persons and report it to the investigative authorities as per the procedure laid down in the Criminal Procedure Code.

Foreign consular offices

MFA through its diplomatic and consular representations and through foreign ones performs the necessary coordination to ensure the safe return of a victim to the country of origin.

Ministry of Health

Trafficked persons may use the services of the healthcare system as per the terms and procedures for other citizens in line with the effective regulatory framework for the provision of health services outside/within the scope of the mandatory health insurance. The Regional Health Inspections (RHI) ensure logistic support for access of trafficked persons to medical care.

State Agency for Refugees (SAR)

Foreign trafficked persons who are seeking or who have received protection under the ARA may benefit from the SAR integration programmes.

NGOs providing legal services

These organisations provide free legal services (advice and procedural representation) for foreign victims of trafficking within their programmes funded from state and other funds.

International Organisation for Migration (IOM)

IOM prepares a re-integration plan/programme for every case of a trafficked person based on the initial plan.

IOM is able to provide general information and consultation, legal advice, safe transportation to the destination, medical care, medical transportation, psychological support, financial and social support for issuing identity documents, etc., accommodation in a shelter or private apartments in the country guaranteeing the person’s safety, support in finding a job, qualification courses, support in the preparation of business plans and possible funding, pocket money, monitoring of the re-integration process.

Where possible and within its discretion, IOM finances, carries out and coordinates the return of victims of trafficking and the overall subsequent process of protection and re-integration.

IOM provides safe transportation and accommodation to the trafficked person when the person needs to testify during a trial. If necessary, IOM can also provide legal support and consultations.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Trafficked persons are referred to relevant service providers.