Standard Operating Procedures for ADULT Victims of Trafficking


Every case of trafficking identified is registered in accordance with the requirements of the institution which made the identification and in line with the Personal Data Protection Act. Information about the persons identified as victims of trafficking is submitted to the NCCTHB regularly for the purposes of statistical analysis.

A core document reflecting the risk assessment is the safety plan. It is part of the individual support and safety plan.

The individual support and safety plan is a main document in the implementation of this measure. It serves as an informal agreement between the trafficked person and the service institution/organisation. The plan needs to include:

  • Description of the victim’s immediate needs as identified;
  • Risk assessment;
  • Description of the planned steps or action plan;
  • Institutions/organisations which are contacted or to which the trafficked person is referred;
  • Safety plan (see Measure 1.2. Risk assessment);
  • Timeframe of the plan;
  • Name and signature of the trafficked person;
  • Name and signature of the interviewer and name of the institution/organisation they represent;
  • Date and location.

The trafficked person concludes a social service agreement based on the individual needs assessment and the support and safety plan.